Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

The Lucky Charm Baby Blanket - Super Squishy, Easy, & Speedy

I must admit that I am terrible at starting a blanket and never finishing it! However, I am obsessed with Sweet Snuggles Lite yarn, especially its springy pastel colors. So, I put my hook to the test and designed a blanket pattern that even I - a serial blanket non-finisher - can make! The striped rainbow pattern in this blanket stole my heart, and I couldn't wait to see how the finished product would turn out. The color combinations are endless for this blanket, and I bet it would look amazing in a solid color as well! My baby blanket measures 42" x 46", but the beauty of this pattern is that you can make it any size, and it won't affect the stitch pattern. I love the half-double crochet stitch for chenille yarn because it makes the project super quick, but the stitches don't contain a lot of loops, so it keeps the integrity of the blanket when washing it. Plus, it makes for a deliciously squishy blanket for a babe.


This blanket features an Easter-rainbow-inspired stripe pattern and a scalloped-edged border. It is the perfect mindless crochet project for beginners and advanced crocheters alike! P.S. Keep your eyes open for the rest of March's free patterns as they are all going to be a part of The Lucky Charm collection!

I used the following materials:

  • 6mm and 8mm hook
  • Sweet Snuggles Lite in: lavender, baby green, daffodil, omphalodes, barely pink, and white
  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Body of blanket (use 8mm hook):

R1: Chain as many stitches long as you want your blanket to be. I chained 68, which gave me a finished blanket that measures 42" wide.

R2: Beginning in the second chain from your hook, hdc in each chain. Chain 1 and turn your work.

R3: Hdc in between each hdc of the previous round. Chain 1 and turn your work - the chain does not count as a stitch. (Don't go into the "v" of the stitch, go under the entire top of each stitch. The large space is where you put your hook. See the picture for reference).

Repeat R3 until you reach your desired length!

Tip: Make sure you're placing a hdc in every single stitch in the row. This ensures straight edges. The chain 1 at the end of each row does not count as a stitch.

To change the colour of the row:

Yarn over, insert your hook, pull through. You'll have three loops on your hook. Grab the new color and pull it through the three loops. Drop the old colour and continue with your new colour. See pictures below for reference.



If you want to replicate the striped pattern that I used, I did: 

8 rows of pink

*1 row yellow, 1 row green, 1 row blue, 1 row purple, 1 row pink, 1 row purple, 1 row blue, 1 row green, 1 row yellow*

8 rows purple 

Repeat the *

8 rows blue

Repeat the *

8 rows green

Repeat the *

8 rows pink

Be sure to weave in those pesky ends before starting the border. 

Border (use 6mm hook):

I work the border in a continuous round so that there is no obvious starting and ending point.

Attach the white yarn to an edge of the blanket.

Hdc around entire blanket, increasing twice at ever corner. See picture for where to place your increases. This creates a nice rounded corner.

Hdc in the third loop only for 3 rows. See picture for reference.

In the third loop only: *5 hdc in same stitch, skip stitch. slip stitch, skip stitch* repeat * all the way around. Fasten off, weave in your ends, and you're done!

I love how this simple stitch really showcases the beautiful yarn. Be sure to tag me in your creations on Instagram @yarnybox

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