Easy Crochet Whale

Easy Crochet Whale


  • Weight 6 yarn 
  • Size J/6.0mm 
  • Stuffing
  • Safety Eyes or felt eyes 
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch Marker


  • mr = magic ring
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase (2 sc in next stitch)
  • dec = invisible decrease (sc 2 stitches together)
  • st = stitch
  • FO = fasten off

This pattern uses weight 6 blanket yarn. Any yarn may be used, but your crochet hook size will be different. Use a hook 1-2 sizes smaller than your yarn calls for. This pattern is in US crochet terms.

This pattern is worked in continuous rounds and using a stitch marker to mark the first stitch is recommended. 

*Safety eyes are NOT recommended for children who are three years old or younger.

The Whale pictured in the pattern is made with Sweet Snuggles Lite.

Fins (Make 2)

R1: 4 sc in a magic ring

R2: (1 sc, inc) x 2 (6)

R3: (2 sc, inc) x 2 (8)

Fold in half and 3 sc across. Fasten off, no need to leave a long tail. We will be crocheting them directly onto the body at round 9 below.


In blue:

R1: 6 sc in a magic ring

R2: 6 inc (12)

R3: (1 sc, inc) x 6 (18)

R4: (2 sc, inc) x 6 (24)

R5: (3 sc, inc) x 6 (30)

R6-8 (3 rounds): 30 sc

R9: 12 sc, 6 inc, 12 sc (36)

R10: 7 sc, 3 sc with the first fin, 16 sc, 3 sc with the second fin, 7 sc (36)

Change to white:

R11 (in the back loop only): 12 sc, 6 dec, 12 sc (30)

Insert safety eyes between rounds 8 and 9, about 6 visible stitches apart, ensuring that the incs from R9 are in the middle of them (this is the mouth).

R13: (3 sc, dec) x 6 (24)

R14: (2 sc, dec) x 6 (18)

Stuff the whale. Ensure you shape out the mouth well. Do not overstuff the bottom or else it will not sit upright.

R15: 9 dec (9)

Fasten off and sew hole shut.


Tail Fin

Make 2:

R1: 4 sc in a magic ring

R2: (1 sc, inc) x 2 (6)

R3: (1 sc, inc) x 3 (9)

R4: (2 sc, inc) x 3 (12)

R5: (2 sc, dec) x 3 (9)

Fasten off of the first piece only. After making the second, sc into the last stitch of round 5 of the first piece to attach them together. Continue onto round 6:

R6: 18 sc around both pieces

R7: 9 dec (9)

Do not stuff, fasten off, and leave a long tail for sewing. Sew onto the back of the whale. Ensure the tail fin is horizontal when you sew.


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